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Former Secret Service Agent to Beck: Scandal Is a 'Disgrace' but Much of It 'Is True


He also has a brother, a current agent, who was in Colombia at the time.

As accusations against American Secret Service agents in Colombia regarding a prostitution scandal look worse and worse with each day, former agent Daniel Bongino spoke with Glenn Beck Tuesday to discuss the alleged misconduct from his unique perspective. The former agent and current GOP Senate candidate in Maryland said the situation is a "mess," and has been receiving information regarding the case from his brother -- a Secret Service agent on the trip but not involved in "any prostitution component of it."

"It’s a disgrace to the secret service," said Bongino, going on to confirm that based off what he has heard; "unfortunately a lot of what’s come out is true."

Bongino served on the presidential protection division and told the New York Times that his colleagues "lived like monks."

Bongino appeared on NBC  Nightly News Monday where he said the incident was "devastating" to current and former Secret Service agents, and "a national embarrassment."

For a more detailed transcript of Bongino's interview with Beck -- click here.


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