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Rev. Wright Bans Media From His 'Bible-Based' Sermon at a TN Church


"Wright's Rants and Raves."

Obama's former pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has a penchant for making headlines with controversial sermons and race-driven rhetoric.

Earlier this month, The Blaze brought you footage of the preacher unleashing his feelings on white supremacy, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (whom he claimed worships "some other God") and plenty more. That clip was followed by another featuring the faith leader rapping and crotch-grabbing from the pulpit.

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This week, while speaking at House of Prayer Ministries in Memphis, Tennessee, the Rev. Wright didn't allow media inside of the church. Considering the wild videos that emerged just weeks ago, it's no surprise that Obama's former faith leader continues to ban outlets from his events.

The fiery pastor has frequently argued that the media took soundbites from his speeches back in 2008 and presented them out of context. While that's entirely possible, the clips The Blaze showed in early April were in full context, and by the standards of the average Christian church they -- in many respects -- would be considered troubling.

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Here's how MyFoxMenphis.com explained the most recent event, during which the media were not allowed inside to hear and report on Wright's sermon:

But, in keeping with what's become standard operating procedure with Reverend Wright in recent years, the media was barred from going inside to hear him speak. Wright, the fiery former pastor to then Democratic Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, obviously still feels the sting of what he felt was negative media coverage of his previously incendiary remarks concerning race and unsubstantiated allegations America was to blame for provoking the 9-11 terrorist attacks. In 2009, speaking at a conference on race, before a packed house at the University of Memphis, Wright vented his disdain for the media.

"The hostility expressed toward me by the media and the derogatory language used to describe me include "Wright's Rants and Raves." "Wright's crazy and divisive," said Wright in 2009.

According to the local Fox affiliate, Wright, who spoke for nearly two hours at a prayer conference the church was hosting, apparently kept his message away from politics and focused upon more spiritual tone.

When asked to comment about what he covered, House of Prayer Ministries Administrator Regina Webster said the controversial preacher's message was "Bible-based."

"About just the word. Just Bible-based and how we are here to understand how we are here to understand the word and grasp more understanding from it," Webster explained. "And for us to be greater leaders in that."

If true, this is certainly a different tactic from what Blaze readers saw just week ago. While it's understandable that Wright would be squeamish regarding media exploitation, one wonders: If he truly isn't saying anything outlandish, why not let the media attend? In the end, the answer to this question should be relatively easy to arrive at.

(H/T: MyFoxMemphis.com)

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