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Irony: Union Pays Twitter to Trend Anti-Corporate Hashtag


As the Occupy movement springs back to life on “May Day” to bring the plight of the “99 percent” to the attention of, well, the “99 percent,” some labor unions are doing their part, even paying Twitter to trend an anti-corporate hashtag.

It’s true! Trending right now (worldwide!) is the hashtag “#CorporateGreed.” However, according to Twitter, the tag is “promoted.”

"Promoted" tags "can cost up to an estimated $120,000 per day," according to the staff at Twitchy. So rather than being an organic trending term, it’s no more than a paid advertisement.

And a Tweet sent out last night by the Communications Workers of America union tells us who's paying to promote the tag:

Sit back for a minute and soak in all the levels or irony: a union paid in excess off $100,000 for a hashtag decrying “corporate greed” and posted it to a network that can only be accessed via a computer, phone, iPad, and the like.

Of course, without missing a beat, the conservative Twittersphere unleashed an unforgiving barrage of snark:

But it was the Heritage Foundation’s Lachlan Markay who really tore into the CWA for its total lack of self-awareness and its anti-corporate ideology:

Click here for more Twitter reaction from the folks over at Twitchy.

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