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Here's the joke scrapped from Obama's WHCD speech


At the White House Correspondents' Dinner two weeks ago President Barack Obama gave the usual speech full of jokes about politics and the press. But there was joke he took out from the original version.

“Four years ago, I chose Joe Biden as my running mate,” Mr. Obama was to say, according to people familiar with early drafts of the planned remarks. “Four years later, I’m almost positive I’m going with Joe again.” He would then affect an exaggerated wink for the audience.

According to the New York Times, the joke was removed because (despite being A JOKE) it would have fueled speculation that Biden, who runs around like a ticking political time bomb these days, may not return for a second term as vice president.

Biden is, of course, campaigning as Obama's No. 2 and has been since mid-March. Besides, what would the world be like without Joe?

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