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MSNBC Host Tweets That Same-Sex Marriage Is a 'Civil Right


"People have the right to get married."

MSNBC host Contessa Brewer on Sunday tweeted her support for the NAACP's recent backing of same-sex marriage, calling it a "civil right" and saying it was "about time" the NAACP had signed on.

Brewer, who anchored news coverage for MSNBC until last year, is now the host of the network's weekend program "Caught on Camera" and contributes regularly to NBC newscasts.

Her tweet prompted some angry responses, including one user referring to her as an "LW [left-wing] lapdog." The same user also said the NAACP's changed position was a "pure political ploy," prompting Brewer to respond: "You may be right. Still, it's the right stand, the right thing to do, no matter what ultimate motivation is."

Brewer subsequently took to her website to expand on her position further:

If ministers and church organizations don’t want to perform same-sex marriages, don’t. Many priests and ministers refuse to perform the marriage cermony of interfaith couples (or should it be bi-faith or mixed faith?). I don’t have a problem with churches deciding the issue for their own congregations. I have an issue when those churches try to decide the issue for all of our secular society.

Same-sex opponents point to the Bible to support their prejudice. But their Bible beliefs and interpretation should no more be shoved on others, than a Rabbi’s interpretation and belief in the Torah or a Muslim cleric’s belief and interpretation in the Koran should be shoved on them.


[M]arriage is a civil right! People have the right to get married, as long as they agree, meet the minimum age requirements (which, let’s face it, were pretty barbaric when it allowed adolescents legally to marry), and aren’t married to another person already (which may be the next frontier in civil rights).

(h/t Twitchy)

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