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DUNCE: Alec Baldwin thanks Michael Bloomberg for nothing, explains why he's less fat now


In a column for the Huffington Post, actor and always pervy-looking Alec Baldwin says New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is "right" to want to ban the sale of large soft drinks. "Whether you think an elitist, billionaire New Yorker has any business blocking your path to the soda fountain is one issue," Baldwin writes. "His motives, however, are unquestionable."

Baldwin says in America high-fat and high-sugar foods are now more common and exercise is less so and that's why Bloomberg is right. Except then Baldwin goes on to say...

"I recently lost over 30 pounds by giving up the lion's share of refined sugar in my diet and reducing my intake of pasta, rice and bread. I switched to almond milk and have reduced my dairy consumption significantly. ...

With age, my body had changed. My health had changed. My ability to process significant amounts of sugar was gone. I was sick. And I wanted to get well."

Baldwin says he did that all on his own without Bloomberg as a personal trainer or life coach.

Why does he support the ban, again?


[Huffington Post]

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