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The Time for Talk Is Over': Beck to Unveil Four-Step Plan to Take Back Country


Our world in chaos and people are crying for answers.

This election cycle, Conservatives, Libertarians, Independents and disenfranchised Democrats around the country are clamoring for change, though not the kind that was brought to bear by President Barack Obama. Starting Monday, June 4th, Glenn Beck will unveil a plan of action that includes four separate components, spread over four days (Monday through Thursday) focused on: committing, mobilizing, living our values, and creating. While these crucial steps may seem vague now, stay tuned to GBTV next week as each of the above actions will be mapped out in greater detail.

Through direct participation in any or all of these initiatives, Americans around the country who may have otherwise felt disconnected from the political process, will be given tangible projects in which to take part and effect change.

Below, Beck talks more about his four-step plan to reclaim our culture, and take back our country:

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