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What does Wisconsin recall mean for the rest of us?

Scott Walker

Voters will go to the polls in Wisconsin tomorrow to decide whether Scott Walker's plans to change the trajectory of the public sector are the right direction for their state. In the meantime, there are varying opinions on what the state's recall election means for the country.

RNC chair Reince Preibus says as goes Wisconsin, so goes the nation:

Mr. Priebus, meanwhile, offered his theory in a conference call with reporters last week. He said the mystery of who will win the presidential election could be solved in Wisconsin this week in the outcome of Mr. Walker’s recall election. A Walker win, Mr. Priebus predicted of his fellow Wisconsinite, will make it harder for Mr. Obama to carry the state.

“Certainly, if Wisconsin goes red, it is lights out for Obama. So clearly putting Wisconsin in the red column for the first time since 1984 is a pretty big deal,” he said.

Juan Williams says the future of America's labor unions is at stake Tuesday:

Win or lose, the outcome will also leave a mark on the nationwide argument over pay and rights for public employees - part of the debate about the future of the middle class, the size of government, taxes and spending.

That conversation is at the heart of the forthcoming presidential contest between President Obama and the GOP’s nominee, Mitt Romney.

If Walker survives, then Romney immediately inherits an energized GOP base in the state and improves his odds to win Wisconsin this November.

But what happens if the union-backed Barrett, Milwaukee’s mayor, stages a comeback from polls that show him trailing and wins the statehouse in Madison?

It will be a tremendous affirmation of labor’s political power to organize and mobilize voters despite Republican opposition.

David Limbaugh thinks the Wisconsin election is a test case in how "Democratic propaganda will work against facts" this year:

...Democrats in Wisconsin are basing their case against Republican Gov. Scott Walker on anything but facts; they are distorting his policy actions, his motives for undertaking them and the effect of those actions. Coupled with their distortions, they are seeking to make the election about anything but Walker's impressive record.

Their strategy has been to pour an enormous amount of money -- much of it from outside the state, the national Democratic Party recognizing the national implications of the election -- to inflame the passions of their constituencies and boost voter turnout enough to overcome the comparative unpopularity of their positions.

What's going on is so patently obvious that it surprises me the big-labor-based Democratic Party isn't further behind in the polls. The unions' position is so manifestly selfish and the Democratic Party's support for it so obviously opportunistic -- as opposed to what is in the best interest of the state -- that it's amazing they don't do a better job of masking their symbiotic corruption.

And Blaze contributor Wayne Allyn Root predicts Gov. Scott Walker will win big on Tuesday:

A typical government employee receiving $100,000 per year, retiring at age 50 has, for all intents and purposes, been promised around $4 million dollars if he lives to 90. That’s before cost of living increases and, of course, free healthcare. Add it up. One employee is getting somewhere around $6 million as a golden parachute. One educator. One fireman. One toll taker. One lifeguard. How many of you taxpayers have a $6 Million retirement fund?


Now you know why Scott Walker will win big in Wisconsin on Tuesday.

Stay tuned to The Blaze for more coverage of the Wisconsin recall election...

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