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Bit a Chunk of the Victim's Face Off': Another Gruesome Flesh-Eating Attack Reported


"Very unusual, it's not something we see everyday."

Police say Todd Credeur was working in his yard when Carl Jacquneaux attacked him over the weekend, biting "a chunk of his face off." (Image source: KATC-TV)

Talk of an impending "zombie apocalypse" is unlikely to die anytime soon after yet another report of a flesh-eating attack -- this one also linked to possible "bath salts" use.

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Police in Lafayette Parish, La. say 43-year-old Carl Jacquneaux attacked Todd Credeur in his yard over the weekend, biting part of his face off after a domestic dispute.

"During the attack the suspect bit a chunk of the victim's face off," Scott Assistant Police Chief Kert Thomas told KATC-TV.

According to a police report posted on The Smoking Gun, the victim is the husband of the suspect's ex-wife.

"In the course of the altercation, [Jacquneaux] began biting Mr. Credeur in the face, removing flesh the size of a quarter below the victim's left eye," the report said.

Credeur told KATC he was working in his front yard when Jacquneaux showed up at his house and attacked him. Credeur said he sprayed wasp poison in Jacquneaux's face, which made him flee the scene.

Police said Jacquneaux then showed up at another acquaintance's home, holding him at knifepoint and stealing a handgun. That's where deputies caught up with Jacquneaux and arrested him.

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Deputies said Jacquneaux was clearly under the influence of some type of drug, but no blood tests were performed on him to know for sure. However, a friend of Credeur's told KATC she believes Jacquneaux was using "bath salts" -- a drug that can make users go "completely insane and become very violent" and has been blamed for the first such attack in Miami.

According to KATC, Jacquneaux is charged with aggravated burglary, simple battery of the infirm, violation of probation, aggravated second degree battery and violation of protective orders. He was being held in the Lafayette Parish Jail with a $312,500 bond.

Credeur has been released from the hospital.

"Very unusual, it's not something we see everyday," Thomas told the station.

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