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Flashback: Scathing New Ad Uses Maddow and Michael Moore to Remind How Important Recall Election Was


"Do you recall?"

The liberal mantra coming after the Wis. recall election is likely to be that it isn't that important in the grand scheme of things and that it has little to no implication for the fall election. But that's not how they were treating it months ago.

The group American Future Fund has come out with a scathing and telling ad showing how important liberals such as Rachel Maddow, Michael Moore, and Russ Feingold thought the election was before Tuesday's results. It cleverly opens with the question, "Do you recall?"

To be fair, the reaction you see from the White House in the video wasn't from Tuesday night. But it is safe to say that once things started looking bleak for Democrats in the race, the White House distanced itself. And that's why it's easy to predict what the spin will be in the aftermath.

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