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Shock Police Photo: Mom Buckles Up Gas Can in Car Seat, Leaves Child Unbelted


A Colorado mom is probably lucky that she only received a traffic ticket for what is shown in the photo below:

Last week, the Colorado State Police were engaged in a "Click it or ticket" program that is meant to encourage drivers to use their seat belts.  The Denver Post reports that troopers in the town of Aurora spotted a car making an illegal turn and pulled it over. They discovered that none of the three people riding in the car was wearing a seat belt... but the gas can was belted into a child's car seat as a toddler in a diaper sat next to it!

The incident was recorded and posted on the Colorado Department of Transportation's Facebook page, and has sparked considerable outrage. (That also begs the question: When did local law enforcement get Facebook pages and start posting pictures from traffic stops?)

The driver was cited for three violations of the seatbelt law and having no proof of insurance.

Just days ago, The Blaze reported on a law in NJ that could cost drivers $1000 for not securing pets in moving cars. (Blaze editor Jon Seidl speculated that the woman may have seen the NJ story and assumed that the law also included PET-roleum.)

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