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Real News From The Blaze': Conservatives Still Behind Liberals in Hollywood, But Does It Matter?


President Obama appeared at a Hollywood fundraiser Wednesday night for the LGBT community hosted by the creator of “Glee” featuring attendees such as Cher and Ellen DeGeneres. While the popularity of Democrats like Obama in Hollywood comes as no surprise for conservatives, should this disparity in popularity between the different political sides in pop culture bother conservatives? All the media and Twitter attention from the event seems to have focused on President Obama maybe or maybe not making an off-color remark about oral sex. With every minute of the mainstream media's time wasted on events like this, what stories go uncovered?

The strong historical ties between the MSM, Hollywood and liberal politicians was discussed on "Real News" Thursday, as well as the growing gap in values between the actual middle class Americans and Hollywood money that is already influencing tight Senate races across the country. Can the current allignment be changed? If so how? Watch a blip from GBTV below:


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