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Another Alaskan mayor for VP?


The mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, might make a good VP choice for Mitt Romney...

The mayor of Talkeetna, Ak. boats sky-high approval ratings, a 15-year winning streak and, with over 6,000 subscribers, more friends than you on Facebook.

His secret? He’s a cat.

Fifteen years ago, the citizens of Talkeetna (pop. 800) didn’t like the looks of their candidates for mayor. Around that same time resident Lauri Stec, manager of Nagley’s General Store, saw a box of kittens and decided to adopt one. She named him Stubbs because he didn’t have a tail and soon the whole town was in love with him.

So smitten were they with this kitten, in fact, that they wrote him in for mayor instead of deciding on one of the two lesser candidates. Mayor Stubbs has held his position ever since.

Stubbs for VP?

Amazingly, Joe Biden still wouldn't stand a chance of looking smart during a debate.  But all joking aside, Mayor Stubbs actually has a pretty decent governing record:

“He doesn’t raise our taxes—we have no sales tax. He doesn’t interfere with business. He’s honest,” said Stec, who converted her store into a part-time mayor’s office when Stubbs claimed victory. Not even the dogs seem to take issue with their new boss, even though there are reportedly more canines in Talkeetna than there are people. “I’ve never seen a dog mess with him,” a local business owner said.

Then again, in other ways he really sounds like every other politician in Washington:

He enjoys the finer things, like drinking water out of a wine glass with catnip in it and having his belly rubbed by his constituents.  A clerk of the town describes the polikitten as “very demanding” and in need of many a long nap to get through the mountain of work he doesn’t do.

Go figure.

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