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Could we learn Romney's VP pick this week?


During an appearance on Fox News Wednesday, political strategist Karl Rove suggested the much-anticipated announcement may come "as early as Friday":

"I think he’s close to a decision," Rove said of GOP challenger Mitt Romney. "He is clearly being very serious in his approach to this. My gut tells me that it’s going to come a little bit later than this week, but it could come as early as Friday.”

In related news, the Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol and Stephen Hayes suggests that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is still being seriously considered for the No. 2 spot and have encouraged Romney to go with a bold choice with Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio.

Then again, online bidders are putting their money on decidedly more vanilla choices -- Tim Pawlenty or Rob Portman:

Traders on the Ireland-based Intrade political betting market have placed $17.8 million worth of bets on whom Romney will pick. But of the 58 possible picks being traded on the market, Portman and Pawlenty are the only two Veepstakes short-listers who have even hit double-digits.

Portman hovered around a 5 percent chance until April, then as his appearances with Romney increased, so too did his Intrade odds. The Ohio senator's peak value of 39 percent came on July 11, the day after he met with chief Romney advisers. Traders are now giving Portman a 30 percent chance of scoring the VP spot.

Pawlenty, who waged a short-lived bid for the GOP nomination last year, has seen his odds drop over the past week by about 3 percentage points. The former Minnesota governor now sits at 22 percent.

While the odds of a Portman or Pawlenty pick are more than 11 percentage points more likely than the next contender, the odds are still larger that Romney's choice won't be one of them than the odds that Romney will choose one of the two.

Who do you think Romney should pick to complete the GOP ticket?  Let us know with a comment!

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