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Real News' War Room: Partisanship On the Rise


A new Washington Post/ABC News poll released Wednesday shows the partisan divide in this country sinking to historic lows, as 84 percent of Republicans polled view President Obama unfavorably and 80 percent of Democrats feeling the same about Mitt Romney. The partisanship is higher than the 78 percent of Republicans who viewed Bill Clinton negatively in 1996, and 76 percent of Democrats said the same about George W. Bush in 2004.

The heated rhetoric and legislative gridlock that has been constant in Washington D.C. over the last few years has been well covered, but what is the source of this partisanship? And is it even something to be frowned upon? It's often bemoaned that we need public officials who vote on principle not party, yet we ridicule legislators in Washington hesitant to giving in to compromise.

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