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Obama Insults Farmer, Because He's A Registered Republican!


Photo credit: Cory Crowley

Jarett Heil is an Iowa farmer from the small town of Haverhill. He and his family have been a gracious participants in the president's green energy program, lending their fields and resources to gigantic wind farm technology and the development of clean energy.

In fact, the Heil farm has been such a resounding success for the green energy program that the administration singled it out for a visit on Tuesday afternoon. Heil's only problem? He is a registered Republican, but not just any Republican — he is the Marshal County treasurer. An elected office.

The move seems alarmingly partisan, particularly given the president's remarks just a day earlier, lauding the importance of wind farms and the people who work there.  However, senseless partisanship has been a feature on the president's latest trip to middle America: Just yesterday, the chief executive stopped into the Iowa State Fair and bought a round of beers for everyone in the tent, except for the man with the Romney sign. The visit also cost the beer tent owner $25,000 in potential sales, as he had to close for business in a peak sales time.

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