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Biden meets biggest fan who tells him he's 'so handsome, so good looking


Vice President Joe Biden campaigned in Jackson, Ohio, today. While there, he made a stop at a pizza place. That's where he faced what may have been the single-most enthusiastic Biden fan America will ever know.

Her name is Queen. Jan Queen. She's 74 years old and the pool report says she "got up close and personal" with Biden, "getting a hug and a kiss."

More from the report:

She didn't let go for a minute or so. She said something that was at first inaudible to the pool, prompting some nervous laughter from women around them. The VP grinned and said, "Will you write a note to my wife and tell her that?"

Her friends were too embarrassed it seemed to share the exchange, but pool then asked Queen what she told him.

"I told him he was so handsome, so good looking, that I was not going to let go of him, and he is better looking off camera than he is on. And they really done well at the convention, and I am so proud I'm in the same party."

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