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Caption that photo!: The winner


The winner:

"It’s a three letter word: P-U-L-L…"-- MENTICIDE



"Hey! You’re that Indian I met down at the 7 Eleven in Delaware, right? C’mon, man, c’mon, do that accent for me again… What? You’re not Indian-American you’re American Indian? Oh, God love ya, man, God love ya!"-- HIPPOCRITIC-US

"Oh——THAT’s where the porta potties are!"-- PIPER60

“Folks, I can tell you I’ve known eight presidents, three of them intimately, and one of them biblically."-- LCALLDAY

"To get unemployment below 8 percent, Barack and I want YOU… to drop out of the labor force."-- RMAN3

"Hey…. I know you. You’re that black fella that I see hanging around the White House. Whats your name again?"-- TOMCOOPER

“Look! Obama may have eaten the dog… but I got the TAIL! ”-- DENVERKITTY

"Kool-Aid Man, I see you, good to see you back, oh ya."-- CRAZY TIMES

“I want Y’ALL! (in chains)”-- WOOL-FREE VISION

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