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Paul Ryan on Obama's Foreign Policy Criticism: 'This Is What People Do When They Have Nothing Else to Offer


“I have more foreign policy experience coming into this job than President Obama had coming into his."


Paul Ryan

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan hit back at President Barack Obama's criticism that he and Mitt Romney would take America back to a "blustering and blundering" foreign policy, saying Obama is resorting to "name-calling" because he has "nothing else to offer."

"I think this is what people do when they have nothing else to offer," Ryan on CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday. "I think these are the kinds of name-calling you're going to get from the president.

Obama in his speech at the Democratic National Convention last week said the GOP ticket was "new" to foreign policy.

“I have more foreign policy experience coming into this job than President Obama had coming into his,” Ryan said. “I’ve been in Congress for 14 years. He was in the Senate far, far less time than that."

He continued, "I've voted to send men and women to war. I've been to Iraq and Afghanistan. I've met with our troops to get their perspectives. I've been to the funerals, I've talked to the widows, I've talked to the wives, the moms and the dads. That's something. That matters."

Ryan said he and Romney "share the view that we need peace through strength and we need to have a strong national defense."

"We think [Obama's] dragged his feet on Iran and as a result of his poor Iran policy they're that much closer to a nuclear weapon," Ryan said. “The president has had some successes – Osama Bin Laden is a perfect example – but, by and large, I think what the president is doing here is he can’t run on his record, so he is offering up this kind of rhetoric."

Ryan called Iran "our biggest foreign policy threat today" and defended Romney who previously said Russia was the U.S.'s biggest threat, a comment Obama seized on saying Romney was "stuck in a Cold War mind warp." Ryan said Romney was referring to Russia as the biggest threat among the other world powers.

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