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Wilkow!:' Are Voter ID Laws Reasonable?


You need to show ID to take the SATs, buy booze, and see an R-rated movie, but now efforts to require the same before voting have been met with accusations of racism and voter intimidation from the left.

The battle over Voter ID laws has become a major and ongoing story heading into the 2012 election. Conservatives say such legislation would stop voter fraud and is not unreasonable to ask, liberals argue that voter fraud is not a serious problem and those currently without ID are often within ethnic groups more likely to support President Obama. The New York Times published a front page story Sunday "Looking, Very Closely, for Voter Fraud," examining groups like True the Vote; which focus on stopping voter fraud, in a story making room to namedrop the Tea Party, Koch Brothers, Jame O'Keefe, and Harry Potter's invisible Knight Bus. The Times writes on one of True the Vote's recent efforts:

In Houston, the group targeted the Congressional district represented by Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat who is black. Ms. Engelbrecht said the group settled on Ms. Lee’s district because thousands of addresses there housed six or more registered voters, which it took as an indication of inaccurate registrations. The methodology, which the group still uses, could disproportionately affect lower income families.

Volunteers spent five months analyzing 3,800 registrations in Ms. Lee’s district, discovering more than 500 voters that the group said were problematic. More than 200 voters were registered at vacant lots, prompting Ms. Engelbrecht to later remark that those voters had a “Lord of the Rings Middle Earth sort of thing going on.”

The reality was far less interesting.

John Fund of The American Spectator and author of "Stealing Elections" finds voter fraud very interesting, and joined "Wilkow!" Thursday with True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht and host Andrew Wilkow to discuss the need for Voter ID laws and the left's strong opposition to them:

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