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Fox News Analyst Says Jay Carney Reminds Him of a 'Younger, Sleeker Version of Old Stalin-Era Spokespeople


"This White House just makes it up."

Fox News analyst Ralph Peters on Wednesday said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney reminds him of "Stalin-era spokespeople" when it comes to answering questions about the deadly terrorist assault on the U.S. Consulate in Libya.

Carney on Wednesday defended the Obama administration's initial response to the attack in calling it the result of a protest over an anti-Islam film, calling the situation "a moving picture." The White House subsequently walked back that assessment and acknowledged it was a terrorist attack. The State Department said Tuesday there was no protest beforehand.

"I gotta tell you, listening to Jay Carney throws me in the flashbacks," said Peters, a retired Army officer. "When I was in the military as an officer my specialty was the former Soviet Union, its military, its government. And listening to Jay Carney reminds me of a younger, sleeker version of old Stalin-era spokespeople."


He continued, "I mean, this White House just makes it up. They lie and when that lie doesn't work they tell another lie, and when that lie doesn't work they tell another lie. I've never in the course of some pretty bad Republican and Democratic administrations in my lifetime, I've never seen such a wanton disregard for the truth."

Peters said he thought the White House "panicked" because the re-election narrative that Obama had killed Osama bin Laden and beaten Al-Qaeda back was suddenly in question.

"On the 11th anniversary of September 11th, what do you get? A carefully coordinated brutal attack on our consulate in Benghazi for which we were resolutely unprepared, determined to be unprepared, and four Americans including an ambassador died," he said. "So they went into panic mode, 'who do we blame?'"

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