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Rep. Doug Lamborn Discusses Race in Colorado on 'Wilkow!'


The Real Clear Politics (RCP) average of polls shows Romney has gained ground on the president — and has taken the lead outright in Colorado, Florida and North Carolina. With the prospect of a close Romney win becoming more and more believable, some Republicans have begun to make sure they've tied all lose ends that may move right-leaning votes away from Romney, for example, towards Gary Johnson.

The New York Times reports that aides to Romney say Johnson is more likely to hurt Obama in the potentially critical state of Colorado, where a marijuana initiative Johnson supports is expected to draw young voters to his cause on Election Day. Questions on Romney's ability to bring over libertarian-leaning independents and Republicans has been a subplot throughout the general and primary campaign, and given the way a 1992 third party candidate hurt a similar Republican in George H.W. Bush, the Romney campaign would likely be wise to not underestimate Johnson's reach.

Republican Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn  joined 'Wilkow!' Tuesday to discuss the race in Colorado and other swing states, as well as how Johnson's place on the ticket could sway results:

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