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Bob Schieffer preps for debate, recommends Blackberry users 'take deep breaths or something


CBS News' Bob Schieffer said on Face the Nation yesterday that while preparing to moderate tonight's presidential debate, he was reminded "how dangerous the world is."

And somehow, that led him to a New York Times story about Blackberry smart phone users and how depressing their lives are.

"Now, this is not a commercial for any phone," Schieffer said, "for the record, I have a Blackberry, but I still read paper newspapers, so maybe I don't count."

This is where things get deep. Schieffer continued, "But here's the part I wonder about, if the Americans who headed West in covered wagons had cell phones, do you supposed they were embarrassed by the brand they owned? I doubt it. My guess is they had to worry about finding something to eat before dark and whether there were Indians hiding close by. The more I thought about that, the more I realized I really had no words to comfort those who feel the world is closing in on them because they have the wrong phone. Maybe they could just take deep breaths or something."

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