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Underwater Dogs' -- Diving Dogs Make Scary (And Wonderful) Faces

Image: Seth Casteel "Underwater Dogs"

The dogs seen here are not terrified or terrifying...they just look that way. In fact, they are having a great time.

Image: Seth Casteel "Underwater Dogs"

Photographer Seth Casteel is known to many as "the underwater dog guy." He's a gifted lensman with a passion for our canine companions. His just-released photo book "Underwater Dogs" features the pictures seen here and more.

Image: Seth Casteel "Underwater Dogs"

Image: Seth Casteel "Underwater Dogs"

When he is not taking pictures of animals for his photo portrait business (Little Friends Photo), Casteel volunteers at local shelters, using his talents to help save dogs and cats. For the past four years, he's worked with SecondChancePhotos.org taking pictures of the dogs and cats waiting for adoption and training the staff at many animal shelters to do the same.

Image: SecondChancePhotos.org

As you can see, the right photograph can make all the difference in getting a dog or cat adopted. Casteel's work has been credited with finding "forever homes" for countless animals.

To see more photos and learn more about Casteel and his book, visit Little Friends Photo. Check out Second Chance Photos for more information about his foundation.

Image: Seth Casteel "Underwater Dogs"

(H/T: BuzzFeed)

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