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How Did Hollywood React to the Election? We Have the Top Conservative and Liberal Responses

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Obama Supporters...


​​Singer/Actress Beyoncé Knowles:

(AP File Photo)

Beyoncé Knowles expressed perhaps the most outward enthusiasm in Hollywood for President Obama's re-election, having campaigned with her husband Jay-Z for months.

In addition to posting photos of herself voting and modeling in "Texans for Obama" t-shirts, Knowles also wrote a letter to the president in which she said he inspires everyone to "give more" of themselves.  She also wrote a simple note reading "TAKE THAT MITCHES," presumably the contrived union of "Mitt" and "bi**ches," and posted it on her Instagram account.

(Photo: Beyonce/Instagram via Twitchy)


​Singer/Actress Cher:

(Photo: AP)

​Cher has long been known as a Hollywood leftist, periodically posting barely decipherable tweets about how Republicans are all "OLD WHITE MEN" who can't get "laid," etc.

After a number of tweets throughout the night about how Mitt Romney's laugh is enough to make her "sob" and how he is "beneath contempt," Cher nearly exploded with joy at hearing Barack Obama won, if her Twitter feed is any indication:

(Photo: Twitter/@cher)


​“Actress, Activist, and Philanthropist" Eva Longoria:

(Photo: AP)

Eva Longoria is another prominent actress who has spent considerable time stumping for the president.  She even appeared in a women-centered ad with fellow starlets Scarlett Johansson and Kerry Washington, where the three furthered the notion that Republicans are trying to "redefine rape."

After a brief thumb in the eye to the Romney-Ryan ticket, Longoria said she was "on tears" and celebrating with her friends, being extremely liberal with her use of exclamation points:

(Photo: Twitter/@EvaLongoria)


Entrepreneur, Musician, Actor, Designer Sean Combs a.k.a. "Diddy":

(Photo: AP)

Though Diddy (formerly known as Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, P Diddy, etc.) hasn't been particularly active with the Obama re-election effort in the mainstream media, he tends to be a pretty big force with the MTV crowd.

Long involved with initiatives like "Vote or Die" and "Rock the Vote," here's what Diddy's Twitter feed looked like as the results were streaming in (content warning):

(Photo: Twitter/@iamdiddy)


Pop Star Lady Gaga:

(Photo: AP)

Lady Gaga, the eccentric pop star who once wore a meat dress, expressed wild enthusiasm for President Obama's win Tuesday night.  A longtime supporter of gay rights, her song "Born This Way" was embraced by some as "an anthem for diversity and acceptance," The Daily Beast notes.

Here's what Lady Gaga wrote on Tuesday night:

(Photo: Twitter/@ladygaga)


Romney Supporters...


Rock Star Ted Nugent:

(Photo: AP)

Perhaps the longest of all the Twitter weigh-ins came from Ted Nugent, a longtime supporter of Mitt Romney, the troops, and other conservative causes.  Nugent got in the race early on, and has been smeared as part of the "lunatic fringe" by members of the Obama campaign.  He was even taken in for questioning by the Secret Service at one point, though they almost immediately said the issue was "resolved."

Though the Twitter account's description says it is managed by, it says he weighs in occasionally and it's highly unlikely a staffer would go on such a rant on Nugent's page.

Here's what Nugent presumably wrote:

(Photo: Twitter/@TedNugent)


​Comedian and Actor Jon Lovitz:

(Photo: Getty Images)

Jon Lovitz was a bit more measured in his response, though, in keeping with his profession, he joked about how excited he was to go to a hospital "run by the DMV."  Lovitz has clearly expressed his disappointment with the Democrat Party several times throughout the past year, particularly regarding how they tend to vilify the rich.

“This whole thing with Obama saying the rich don’t pay their taxes is f***king bulls**t. And I voted for the guy and I’m a Democrat. What a f***king a**hole,” he said at the time.

Read his tweets, here:

(Photo: Twitter/@realJonLovitz)


​Actress Stacey Dash:

(Photo: Twitter/@REALStaceyDash)

Stacey Dash started a political firestorm after coming out in support of the Romney-Ryan ticket, with many implying that, because she's black, it's somehow unacceptable for her to vote Republican.

Dash didn't back down, however, and wrote a 1,334-word essay before the election why she supports Mitt Romney.  The letter was incredibly gracious, and she emphasized that she is not voting​ against Barack Obama or the Democrat Party, even complimenting the president for what he has accomplished.  In the end, though, she believes social issues must take a back seat when the economy is in trouble, and that the two sides of the country must be able to work together.

Read the entire letter here.

Here's what Dash's Twitter feed looked like last night:

(Photo: Twitter/@REALStaceyDash)


Actress Melissa Joan Hart:

(Photo: Getty Images)

Melissa Joan Hart, an actress that many of the younger generation voting "grew up" with through her shows like "Clarissa Explains It All" and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," said she was voting for the Romney-Ryan ticket last week.

After being flooded with comments, many of them negative, she responded: "Guess what? A person can care about the earth AND marriage equality AND want the economy back AND ... have a good healthcare system that works all at the same time &choose not to continue on the path of the last 4 years! #RomneyRyan2012."

On Election night, Hart pointed out that-- at least within her social circle-- there didn't appear to be a whole lot of gracious winners:

(Photo: Twitter/@MelissaJoanHart)


“​Conservative in Hollywood,” TV host, Navy Vet and Political Activist Chuck Woolery:

(Photo: YouTube)

Chuck Woolery is a longtime lone conservative in Hollywood, having attained the level success that, like Clint Eastwood or Chuck Norris, he is free to state his true beliefs without fear of retribution at work.

Earlier in the night Woolery was pretty active on Twitter, engaging with a number of people about how energized they were, or discussing the stranger aspects of the Democrat Party.

"The most dangerous place to be today is in between a Republican and a voting booth," he repeated as the line of the day.  Later he added: "Why is it when you disagree with the left, You are a racist . Must be a reflex-self defense mechanism for Morons."

Though he was disappointed when Romney lost, Woolery managed to keep his composure:

(Photo: Twitter/@chuckwoolery)

There are far more celebrities with political views out there-- we spared you Mariah Carey's Obama tribute song, for instance.

The Huffington Post has a gallery of 172 celebrities and their political reactions here, for more.



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