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Tom Ricks calls Fox anchor 'fathead


The feud between author and foreign affairs expert Tom Ricks and Fox News is getting worse by the minute. In the latest development, Ricks calls Fox News Anchor Jon Scott a "fathead."

On Monday Ricks made headlines when a Fox News segment he was invited to be on was abruptly ended after he criticized the network. Ricks said Fox was "overhyping" the Benghazi incident and acting as "a wing of the Republican Party." After less than a minute of air time, Scott, who was anchoring the segment, bid farewell to Ricks.

Since then, Fox Executive Vice President Michael Clemente has said Ricks apologized, though not publicly. Ricks denies it. And on and on it goes.

It continued in the Washington Post's "She the People" blog today:

Was it a planned ambush, I wondered? Or did his harsh but accurate assessment of Fox as a GOP adjunct — and sometimes, adjutant general — just come tumbling forth?

“It just kind of tumbled out,” he said, after “this fathead comes on and says the pressure is increasing on the White House; no, they’re backing off! Now their spokesman says I apologized; they’re just making stuff up.”

He told the young woman who pre-interviewed him that he felt the whole issue had been exploited for political reasons, “but my impression was she’s new to the game and thought that because I’m pro-military — and I do consider myself pro-military,” he’d naturally agree with the Foxified narrative.

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