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Fox News' Keith Ablow recommends 'DADT'-like policy as alternative to divorce


Dr. Keith Ablow, Fox News' in-house psychiatrist, is chock-full of medical expertise. He's either recommending a decade-worth of drug supervision for Lindsay Lohan or diagnosing the country with a type of blanket voyeurism for following the Petraeus sex scandal.

In his latest FoxNews.com column, it gets no less weird. Ablow has some advice for the unhappily married: Don't get a divorce. Get a "consorce."

Consorce is an Ablow original, a type of cohabitation for couples without romance, all for the sake of the kids. And also to save money.

From his column:

Why not just stay in the same house, continue to work together financially for the good of the family, and, perhaps, even sleep in the same room (without sexual contact expected by either individual)?

In order to avoid the myriad costs of divorce, why not free one another from the expectation that one’s husband or wife is responsible for anything more than being a good partner in parenting and finance and a good roommate?

Those who agree to a “consorce” are inherently agreeing on a “Don’t ask; Don’t tell” policy regarding their romantic lives. That part of their individual behavior becomes entirely private, again, and I believe it is best to never mention it to one another.

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