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Lie of the Year' goes to Romney's 'Jeep' ad


Political fact-checker PolitiFact announced its annual choice for "Lie of the Year" today. The winner: The controversial "Jeep" ad produced toward the tail end of the election by the Mitt Romney campaign.

Explaining its choice, PolitiFact wrote:

It was a lie told in the critical state of Ohio in the final days of a close campaign -- that Jeep was moving its U.S. production to China. It originated with a conservative blogger, who twisted an accurate news story into a falsehood. Then it picked up steam when the Drudge Report ran with it. Even though Jeep's parent company gave a quick and clear denial, Mitt Romney repeated it and his campaign turned it into a TV ad. ...

It’s not that President Obama and his campaign team were above falsehoods, either. Their TV ads distorted Romney’s positions on abortion and immigration to make them seem more extreme than they actually were. A pro-Obama super PAC even created an ad suggesting Romney was responsible for a woman’s death when her husband lost his job at a Bain-controlled company.

But the Jeep ad was brazenly false.

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