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Real News': CT Shooting Puts the Spotlight on Mental Health Reform


Three days since Friday's horrific shooting in Connecticut, America has had time to reflect on the crime, the ability within some Americans to commit such evil, and what is being done on a national and community level to prevent these tragedies from happening again in the future. President Obama spoke at a vigil in Newtown, Connecticut, Sunday night where he stated that this was the fourth time he’s had to deal with a mass shooting like this while he’s been president, as we have seen similar instances of headline-grabbing gun violence over the last four years at a Congresswoman's district event in Arizona, a movie theatre in Colorado, and a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

Beyond the weapons used to commit the heinous acts, Friday's shooter Adam Lanza shares similarities with people like Aurora, Colorado, shooter James Holmes– a troubled mental state, exceptional intelligence and parents that were helpless to stop them. A former baby sitter of Lanza’s is claiming that his mother told him not to turn his back on her son for one second.

Why does it seem that mass shootings like this are on the rise even when violence overall is down? Are not enough gun control laws or state-sponsored support for the mentally ill to blame? If mental health reform is the answer where do we start? Watch the opening segment from 'Real News' Monday discussing this question of mental health reform with Dr. Bart Rossi of the Rossi Psychological Group:

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