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Real News': Is the Government Developing a 'Pre-Crime Database' That Infringes on Your Liberties?


A Wall Street Journal report last week is making waves as it uncovered that the National Counterterrorism Center will be searching millions of Americans government files for criminal wrongdoing, even if those citizens aren't under investigation.

The decision on the program was reportedly strongly debated within the Obama administration. The program has allowed the government to quietly launch a massive master-database on American citizens, most of whom have no criminal record, developing what some are calling a "pre-crime database." The organization is reportedly not just looking for terrorism, but also searching for proof of ordinary crimes at will.

The program has unsurprisingly raised questions about an infringement on civil liberties. Christopher C. Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute joined "Real News" Monday to discuss details about the new database, and what it means to American civil liberties.

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