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Meet the Oldest, Living Identical Twins Who Turned 103 Christmas Eve (Learn Their Secret to Longevity)


"Who would have thunk it?"

Charlotte Eisgrou and Ann Presack are the world's oldest, living identical twins. (Photo: Jordan Eisgrou/Facebook)

When Charlotte Eisgrou and Ann Primack were born as preemies on Christmas Eve they weighed only seven pounds -- combined. Now, the two identical twins recently celebrated their 103rd birthdays, making them the oldest, living identical twins in the world.

Charlotte Eisgrou and Ann Premack are the world's oldest, living identical twins. (Photo: Jordan Eisgrou/Facebook)

When the pair were born in 1909, there wasn't even an incubator for preemies in their condition. According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, the twins were kept warm with a stove. The girls were place inside the stove, which the News-Journal noted was set at a low temperature, with blankets.

The News-Journal reported that the women rank second in the world as oldest twins overall. The oldest twins, who are fraternal, are two women from Scotland born 39 days prior to the Florida-dwelling women.

What's their secret to longevity and still retaining sharp minds? Primack told the News-Journal in an interview several years earlier it's genetics.

"Genes are the whole thing," Primack said. "And we were never fat."

Eisgrou seconded genetics as a factor but added milk to the list as well.

"We drank milk. It's milk and the genes," Eisgrou told the News-Journal.

Ultimately though, they said they don't really know the secret to longevity and "wouldn't tell you" if they did.

As for what they think about being the oldest identical twins, the News-Journal reported not much really.

"Who would have thunk it?" Eisgrou said, according to the Florida newspaper. "My father would have danced in the air. He'd be so happy."

Read more details about the twins' life in the Daytona News-Journal here.

(H/T: Daily Mail, Huffington Post)

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