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Houston Waiter Speaks Out: I Refused a Customer Service Because he Insulted 5-Year-Old With Down Syndrome


"... special needs children need to be special somewhere else."

If you heard someone make a cruel remark about a person with Down syndrome, what would you do?

One Houston waiter responded in his own way: He refused to serve a customer who, he says, made insulting remarks toward a five-year-old with Down syndrome.

“Michael Garcia, a waiter at Laurenzo's, was serving a family who have been regulars since the restaurant opened. The family includes 5-year-old Milo, who has Down syndrome,” FoxNews.com explains.

Garcia told FoxNews.com that Milo “wasn't being bad, he was just talking and making little noises."

However, the boy's noises were enough to irritate a nearby customer and his family.

“The customer got up from the table and moved his family to another table further away from Milo, but still in Garcia's serving section,” the report explains.

Things came to a head when the customer started talking about Milo, at one point saying, "special needs children need to be special somewhere else,” according to Garcia.

"My personal feelings took over because that's ignorance in my opinion and I told him 'Sir, I won't be able to serve you,'" Garcia tells FoxNews.com.

The customer and his family exited the restaurant.

"Maybe there were other ways I could have handled it, but Milo is such an angel, he is a gift from God as are all special needs children," Garcia said.

Milo’s family was completely unaware of what had happened between their server and the other table and only found out because one of Garcia’s colleagues told them.

"We can't lose track of what this is about," Garcia said, referring to the amount of attention the story has drawn.

"It is about Milo, it is about educating ourselves and when people are different, why should you treat them any different?"

"It's fear of the unknown," he added.

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