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Are These Second Graders Smarter Than Professional Athletes? Well...


"Second graders are serious fans of football—and grammar!"

(Photo via DeadSpin)

Second graders at the Elmwood Franklin School in New York are "serious fans of football," according to the school's Facebook page, but that doesn't mean they give professional athletes a pass when it comes to grammar.

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, students apparently took to the Twitter pages of various NFL players to correct the errors on one of the most grammatically-unfriendly social networking sites in existence.

The school's Facebook page elaborates:

Second graders are serious fans of football—and grammar! Elmwood Franklin School's second grade students applied their lessons in proper sentence structure, noun and verb usage, spelling, and punctuation to correct the tweets of professional football players. The students partnered in groups and together found several mistakes in these tweets, including the incorrect spelling of "a lot."

Here are a few of the final products, the original tweet written at the top of the image:

(Photo via DeadSpin)

(Photo via DeadSpin)

(Photo via DeadSpin)

Everybody plays fast and loose with grammar on Twitter, making it a pretty unreliable indicator of human intelligence, but people are still calling the corrections "hilarious."

The Bleacher Report writes:

If you are going to teach kids about mistakes peppered around sentences, Twitter is the perfect place to house the lesson.

One day, these marvelous young students will grow up and learn to drop letters and punctuation just like every last Twitter user does...

For the moment, we appreciate every adorable spelling know-it-all who wants to offer their corrections.

(H/T: DeadSpin)



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