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Notable & Quotable: Remembering 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle


This weekend's tragic murders of "American Sniper" author and former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and his friend at a Texas gun range have shocked Americans from coast-to-coast, and many are digging into their pockets to support surviving relatives. Mercury One has launched a charitable fund to honor Kyle, with 100% of donations going to the Chris Kyle Memorial and FITCO Cares Foundation.

Over at the FITCO Cares Foundation, countless donors are leaving notes of remembrance and sympathy for Kyle and his family.  This one was particularly moving:

To die in defense of freedom is sad, but necessary. To survive war’s tribulations and come home is providence. To be taken by the act of a cowardly piece of human fodder is almost too much to bear. My brother in freedom you are gone to soon from this fight. We will miss you. But, take solace in that we fight on in your name, for the fight is long and not yet won. Rest easy now. You have done enough. Randy Knight and USAF family.

To donate to the Mercury One fund, click here.

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