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Do Zero Tolerance Policies for Weapons at Schools Do More Harm Than Good in Practice?


On Monday, a North Carolina high school senior, honor student and Eagle Scout realized as he pulled into the school parking lot that he had his skeet shooting rifle in his car. He went inside the school to call his mom to come pick it up and take it home. But the school found out and David “Cole” Withrow was arrested and arrested just weeks before his graduation.

The North Carolina high school is certainly not the first to act with harsh punishment based off a zero policy stance when it comes to perceived weapons. A 16-year-old female student in Barlow, Florida, currently faces felony charges and was expelled after a 8-ounce water bottle containing a mix of household chemicals for a science project popped causing smoke and a small explosion.

On 'Real News' Thursday, the panel debated if zero tolerance policies at schools end up doing more harm than good in reality.Watch a clip from Thursday's show below.

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