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Viral Read: 3rd-Grade Hockey Fan's Hilarious Test Answer Stumps Teacher


"What is this?"

(DNAinfo Chicago)

(DNAinfo Chicago)

Maggie Ciara, a third-grade student at Columbus Manor Elementary in Oak Lawn, Ill., stumped her teacher with a confusing answer on a recent math exam.

As it turns out, Maggie is a big Chicago Blackhawks fan. That will become relevant in a moment.

The question on the exam was a simple one: What is 9 times 9?

Maggie's answer? "Hossa."

Technically, she's right. Hossa refers to Marian Hossa, No. 81 for the Blackhawks.

Her teacher was left confused. "What is this?" the teacher wrote on the test.

(DNAinfo Chicago)

So, did Maggie get credit for her unorthodox, but seemingly correct answer?

DNAinfo Chicago's Justin Breen explains:

Her teacher, Christine Mech, circled the answer and wrote "What is this?" in red pen. When Maggie explained her response, Mech gave her credit, and she received an A+.

"Maggie is a very clever little girl," said Mech, who's a Hawks fan and knew what Maggie was up to. "I love the way Maggie has a sense of humor. She did get her 100 percent on the quiz, and we had a little bit of a laugh afterward."

Maggie's mom on Wednesday posted a photo of the exam on Facebook and it quickly went viral. The photo was also posted on the Chicago Blackhawks' official Facebook page.


(H/T: Yahoo! News)

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