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Experts Face Off on Immigration Reform in Contentious (And Unique) Segment


"We're going to pick apart all the proposals."

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Though the "Gang of Eight" has been working on bipartisan immigration reform for months, Americans have yet to see a final plan on which all the lawmakers can agree.

Filling in for Glenn Beck on "The Glenn Beck Program" Thursday night, Buck Sexton began with an overview of all the scandals the Obama administration and the U.S. government as a whole are currently embroiled in.

Despite Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS targeting conservatives, the DOJ intimidating reporters, the NSA spying on Americans daily, Sexton pointed out that the government is now saying "trust us" with immigration.

"W he said, inviting guests Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies and David Bier from the Competitive Enterprise Institute to weigh in on some of the most common objections to the immigration bill.

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In a unique twist, the panel was presented somewhat like a game show.  Sexton read a statement like "Illegal aliens won't have to pay back taxes to the United States," and both experts held up either a "True" or "False" sign, before explaining their reasoning.

The two regularly disagreed, particularly on whether it will truly cost $6.3 trillion, as predicted by the Heritage Foundation.  Bier said the estimate ignores the cost of doing nothing, and includes children who would be receiving benefits with or without the bill.  Moreover, it ignores the economic growth the immigrants would create.

But Krikorian asserted: "If you're letting in less skilled 19th century-style immigrants into a 21st century post-industrial welfare state, it's going to cost money.  It's not because the immigrants are bad.  It's not because they're cheating or ripping us off.  It's because if you're taking someone from Honduras with a 4th grade education...he could work four jobs, and he's still going to end up relying on taxpayer subsidies."

Watch the entire segment unfold, below:

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