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Bad Politics and Incompetence': Beck Analyzes Syria Response With Top Military Experts


"A rudderless ship on a sea of wishful thinking."

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Glenn Beck was joined on his weekday television program Tuesday by retired Lieutenant General William G. "Jerry" Boykin, retired Lieutenant Colonel Bill Cowan, former U.S. Navy SEAL Pete Scobell, and Andy McCarthy, the author of "Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy," to discuss the ever-changing situation with regard to Syria.

The group endeavored to ascertain the Obama administration's true motivations -- the humanitarian justification doesn't hold water, they say, since over 100,000 are said to have been killed thus far and the administration has promised that there will not be a regime change after the "unbelievably small" strike.

Is it simply a "combination of bad politics and incompetence," as McCarthy speculated?  Is the administration making its military decisions based on what is most advantageous politically, as Cowan suggested?  Or is our leadership a "rudderless ship on a sea of wishful thinking" that wishes to see the United Nations, not the United States, as the dominant force in the world, and so is creating a situation that will be solved on the international body's floors?

Watch a clip from the show, below:

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The group also discussed the heavy influence of the Muslim Brotherhood over recent events in the Middle East, McCarthy asserting that while we typically hear about the moderates and the extremists in Syria, "the most important faction in Syria is the Muslim Brotherhood, and their biggest backer is Qatar."

Beck asked the group whether we could consider it a successful outcome if the Brotherhood took over after Assad's ouster, and the group unanimously responded "no," asking viewers to look at how quickly other "Arab Spring" countries have descended into chaos in recent years (and Syria would be lucky, if it ended up like Egypt).

"I'm looking at an administration that either has a flat learning curve and is deaf, dumb, and blind to the world's events," Beck said, "or they know exactly who the Muslim Brotherhood is."

More from the segment, below:

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