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The Gun Position Glenn Beck Took on Radio That Surprised His Co-Hosts


"You're being a jerk, because there's no reason for you to do that other than to poke fingers in people's eyes."

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In the wake of yet another mass shooting on Monday, Glenn Beck and radio co-hosts Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere argued for nearly two hours about the wisdom of bringing an AR-15 into work.

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Gray and Burguiere maintained that you have a right to carry the weapon to work, and conceding that the gun is "scarier" than the rest merely furthers a false narrative. But Beck said that while you have a right to arm yourself with an AR-15, that doesn't make it wise or necessary to bring it to the office.

"You're being a jerk," Beck told Gray, "because there's no reason for you to do that other than to poke fingers in people's eyes."

But Gray retorted that he arrives at the office very early when there's little security in the building.

"What security is here is not paying attention to the parking lot. It's pitch dark there at 4:30 in the morning...I need my AR-15. So that's why I would bring it."

Beck said that if Gray truly was concerned for his safety, which he admitted he is not, he would fully support his decision to protect himself. But he would also ask, "how many times have you gone out to the shooting range to shoot it? ...It's zero!"

"I know Pat is completely inept with a gun, he won't be able to find the safety!" Beck said. "If he comes in, all he's trying to do is be a jerk."

The group later accused one another of making a "liberal" argument. Beck said the group was taking the "most extreme" and unrealistic example -- that Gray needs an AR-15 to protect himself in the office parking lot in the morning, likening it to, "You say you're not for health care? Why do you want children to all die of disease?"

But Beck's co-hosts claimed Beck was making a liberal argument by saying the gun was "too scary" for some of the other employees.

"I'm sorry, responsible human beings have a right to carry a gun, and responsible human beings need to understand other teammates might be uncomfortable with somebody brandishing a firearm," Beck concluded.

He later added:  "If I want to carry a gun, I'm going to carry a gun. And if your business doesn't want me in there, that's OK. I'm not going to hold it against you. You have a right to do it. But as a useful member of society, I'm not going to walk around and be a jerk all the time just because I can. How is that unreasonable?"

Beck also made it clear, several times, that he has no issues with the AR-15, it just happened to be the example because that's the type of firearm Gray owns.

"If you bring in a six-shooter and you strap it to your leg, I'm going to say exactly the same thing: dude, what are you doing?"

Watch the clip below for more on the lively discussion:

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