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The Hardy Handful': Iowa Obamacare exchange enrolls... five.


I think it's safe to say that the website's problems aren't due to high traffic...

And the Des Moines Register notes that the only reason these five individuals managed to sign up for the exchange is because of extraordinary patience:

At least five unusually persistent Iowans have managed to sign up for health insurance on the government’s balky new online marketplace.

Let’s call them the Hardy Handful. They apparently were willing to wait through interminable delays and to try, try again after repeatedly being booted off the system. By Wednesday morning, they had enrolled in insurance plans sold on the public marketplace by CoOportunity Health.

“They threaded the needle and got in,” said Cliff Gold, the insurance carrier’s chief operating officer. “It’s like when a radio station says, ‘If you’re the 20th caller, you’ll win something.’ These people were the 20th caller.”

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