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You Have More Fingers and Toes Than the Total Number of Iowans Who Have Signed Up for Obamacare


"...they're just starting to trickle through."

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A total of 17 Iowa residents have enrolled in Obamacare through the government's website so far, according to a spokesman for the state insurance division.

Tom Alger told TheBlaze Thursday that total signups were at "zero" on Wednesday "but they're just starting to trickle through."

Alger says Iowa has two main carriers; Conventry reports 12 enrollees, Alger reports, adding that CoOportunity Health notes five signups.

The CoOpportunity number reflects a report from KCCI-TV in Des Moines, which says the five Iowa residents enrolled in its insurance plans by Wednesday morning.

Cliff Gold, CoOportunity's COO, tells KCCI that despite the low number of signups he's encouraged that some people are getting through the website, adding that nine Nebraska residents have also selected policies via the new system.

The Obamacare website has been hampered by technical glitches and delays since its Oct. 1 launch.

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Jeff Tourdot of ACA Outreach and Education points away from website delay frustration to a broader outlook.

"I think the greater story to said about that is the demand of people in this country and right here locally that are in need of health care," Tourdot says in a report on the Iowa signups from KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids.

After the video report, a KCRG anchor adds a curious two cents to the Obamacare website problems: "People should go slowly with this," he says, adding that "you should do your research and find out which one is absolutely right for you."

Here's the KCRG report:

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