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NASA Solves Mystery of the Massive Light Clusters Off the Coast Of Argentina


The lights are not from aliens, oil rigs, or military exercises.


Check out these odd light formations in the Atlantic Ocean. They are: visible from space, hundreds of miles off the coast of Argentina, away from all land formations. What could they be? The clusters of light formations in the circles below have been mystifying people ever since NASA released the images in December of 2012. And now, the big brains at NASA think they have the answer to the question.


As you can see by the tiled images below, the formations changed slightly on a daily basis. That change in numbers and placement was a solid clue as well.


The lights are not from aliens, oil rigs, or military exercises. NASA's very solid theory puts the blame on this creature.


The sea creature is the Illex argentinus, a squid that lives off the coast of Argentina and is apparently attracted to fishing vessels at night by fishermen using very powerful lights.


If you're thinking that it would take a lot of boats to create enough light to be visible from space, you would be right. Considering that Argentine fishermen caught more than 360,000 tons of Illex last year, that would require a lot of boats. In fact, the area is considered to be the second largest squid fishery on the planet.When clusters of these fishing vessels gather off the coast of Argentina and shine their lights over the water, it creates the patterns of light seen in the NASA images.

Mystery solved.



To learn more about the Illex, click here.

To check out NASA's earth observatory site, click here.

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