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Woman Calls Cops After Discovering Flirtatious Note on Her Car — Was That the Right Thing To Do?


"He was flirting..."

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An Ohio woman called authorities after she discovered a flirtatious note on her car complimenting her looks and asking her out, a police report reportedly says.

According to the The Plain Dealer, the unidentified woman, who lives in Lakewood, found a note on her car from a man who lives in the same apartment complex as her.

The note, which reportedly included the man's phone number, said he had lived in the complex for eight months, just noticed the woman and didn't want to wait another eight months to see her again.

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Upon finding the note, the woman contacted police, but urged them not to contact the note's author because she feared he would become upset and possibly grow violent.

Instead, the woman only asked for the incident to be documented, but said she would call police if he tried contacting her again.

After the story leaked to the media, individuals left notes on the police department's page expressing their thoughts.

"Is this woman in fifth grade?" an individual, using the username "nadaclue22," said. "He was flirting... Take it as a compliment. Call him and tell him you're not interested!!"

Another individual said, "Common [sic] woman, he was hitting on ya and you have to call the police ?"

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