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Listen to Me Carefully': Glenn Beck's Advice for Anyone Looking for a Job


"The world is changing."

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Glenn Beck echoed the words of Ashton Kutcher on his radio program Monday, saying "amen" to the statement that "the only thing that can be 'below' you is to not have a job."

"Do you have anybody that you know that is a recent college graduate, or are you a college graduate, and you're having a really hard time finding a job?" Beck asked. "Do you know anybody who's telling you there are just no jobs out there? I would tell you that Mike Rowe would disagree with you. There are millions of jobs that are available right now, but are they 'below' you?"

Beck said that while it may be extraordinarily difficult to find a job right now, it is much easier to "create" one.

"Find a problem and fix it," he said. "The problems are merely opportunities."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Beck suggested as an example: "Got a bunch of leaves in your yard? Take pictures of all of the leaves, or if you don't have a yard, go find someplace else ... Take a picture of all the leaves, and then go find a rake and rake all the leaves. I mean every single leaf ... Find your joy in raking those leaves. Take all the pictures of how bad it was ... and then do the best job you possibly can and show all of the pictures afterwards. Then post those photos on Facebook and tweet them with the following caption: 'I will do the best job of raking leaves you've ever seen. Reply and I'll quote you a rate.'"

The radio host said that when you leave your home you should always tell yourself you are going to do "very best job you possibly can," and when you get home you should ask whether you did the "very best" you could.

If you approach every day with that mindset, he said, it won't be long before "your unemployed child will not be so unemployed" or "you won't be so unemployed."

"Before you know it, your kids will be moving out of the house," he said. "Or you'll be able to afford the food that you need to provide. By creating more business that didn't exist."

Beck told his audience that "the world is changing," and suggested that if you are doing a job that you "hate," you figure out what it is you are supposed to be doing instead.

"But it all really starts with work," he reminded. "There is nothing more fulfilling than work."

And for those who bemoan the state of the economy, Beck said: "There is only one economy that matters: your economy. And your economy starts with two hands. And the talent that you were born with. Everyone was born with exactly every tool (they) need."

"Listen to me carefully," he concluded. "We have played that game before: 'Well, if I could just get somebody in Hollywood...If I could just get a producer...If I could just get a banker to understand.' No. All in due time, all in God's way. But know this: Everything that you need you have right now. What is it you were sent here to do? Pick up a rake. Pick up a rake and start finding it."

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