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Man Reportedly Hurls Children Off Balcony During Apartment Fire


“He’s begging, saying, ‘Please, somebody catch my babies.'"

A Kansas City family is reportedly safe this Thanksgiving after an overnight apartment fire forced a father to throw his two kids from his third floor balcony into the arms of strangers.

Resident Lavonda Angello described the fire as a "big whole mess." (Image source: Screen grab via WDAF-TV)

“He’s begging, saying, ‘Please, somebody catch my babies,’” a mother who helped catch one of the children told WDAF-TV. “He threw the little one first and the gentleman caught her and then he threw the older one and we caught her and then they tried to get off, and they actually fell, but everybody’s okay."

“Being a mom, mommy instincts kick in because you don’t want to see anybody’s kids go through that,” the unidentified woman added.

Authorities were called to the scene around 3:40 a.m. and immediately saw flames engulfing part of the apartment complex, according to WDAF-TV.

“Trying to go down the hallway stairs, people fell,” a resident, Lavonda Angello, told WDAF-TV. “There were some people trapped in their apartment. Smoke just gulfed down in the bottom floor apartment. I mean it was a whole mess — a big, whole mess.”

The cause of the fire reportedly remains unknown and no one was seriously injured. It was also not immediately clear who the man was or how old his children were.

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