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I Didn't See a F***ing Thing Left': The Disturbing and Brutal Way Italian Mobsters Reportedly Killed a Man


"...in the end there was nothing left...those pigs could certainly eat."

Mobsters are known for sometimes using brutal tactics to claim the lives of their opponents, but new allegations show just how far some mafia members are willing to go to punish their enemies.

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According Italian police, mobsters from Calabria, Italy, brutally beat a man from a rival clan with a spade -- and then fed him, alive, to pigs.

That man, Francesco Raccosta, whose body was never recovered, has been missing since March 2012.

The New York Daily News reported that the ’Ndrangheta crime family was responsible for his death, with mob boss Simone Pepe, 24, allegedly admitting to the murder and three other associated killings.

Police apparently had a break in the case earlier this month when they intercepted a phone call during which Pepe reportedly bragged about the death.

"It was so satisfying hearing him scream... mamma mia, he could scream. I didn’t see a f***ing thing left," Pepe allegedly said. "People say sometimes they (pigs) leave something...in the end there was nothing left...those pigs could certainly eat."

Raccosta was one of five individuals killed by mafia members in connection to mob boss Domenico Bonarrigo's death, Reuters reported. Bonarringo was Pepe's boss, or godfather, and it is believed that Raccosta's murder was retribution for the boss' death.

It is unclear what involvement, if any, Raccosta might have had in Bonarringo's death.

"This feud has been going on since the 1950s and has claimed numerous lives, among them a nine-year-old girl shot as she sat in her grandfather’s car," police said of the mob violence. "Pepe was particularly brutal and by feeding his victim to pigs he thought he would earn the respect of other rivals as well as crime figures within his own clan."

Italian police have rounded up 20 alleged mobsters connected to a variety of crimes, including this brutal murder.

(H/T: Reuters)


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