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She Doesn't Scare': Would-Be Robbery Victim Fends Off Assailant With Popular Beauty Product


"The uncannily smooth eyebrows should be a dead giveaway."

Teresa Mendez describes how she threw hot wax in a would-be thief's face. (Photo: NBC 5 News)

A would-be thief in the Dallas area picked the wrong woman to target, and will likely bear marks of the encounter for a few weeks at least.

Beautician Teresa Mendez was on her way home from work and had reached her front door when a man with a knife approached her and demanded money, NBC 5 News reported. Mendez said she didn't have any money on her, but was unwilling to let the man go with the items she had.

At first she brandished a pair of scissors from her bag full of items from her salon, but was unsuccessful in deterring the assailant. Next, Mendez said she hurled a jar of scalding-hot wax at the man's face.

Teresa Mendez said she threw hot wax in a would-be thief's face. (Image source: NBC 5 News)

That set the thug running away quickly, Mendez said, describing how he dashed toward a vehicle with several other men waiting inside and sped away.

Mendez' husband, Antonio James, returned home shortly after the incident, and didn't seem too surprised when he heard of his wife's actions.

"He thought he could scare her, and she doesn't scare," James said with a laugh.

Dallas police have not yet identified the assailant, but he is described as a black male and, according to Mendez, may have burns or peeling on his face.

Failing that, the Dallas Observer's Eric Nicholson noted, "the uncannily smooth eyebrows should be a dead giveaway."

NBC5 News has more on the story, below:


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