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Horrific': The Chilling Banner Reportedly Seen in Egypt


"Jews are always the scapegoats..."

A disturbing banner was reportedly displayed in Egypt last week which read, "Extermination of the Muslim Brotherhood, sons of Zion and Egypt's Jews, is an obligation." An image of the sign is being shared on social media, and TheBlaze verified the translation with an Arabic speaker.

Maher Hamoud, editor-in-chief of The Daily News Egypt, posted an image of the banner on his Twitter feed on Tuesday evening, calling it “fascist":

Source: Twitter.com/MaherHamoud1

While Hamoud offered no further details about the black banner, the Elder of Ziyon blog (EOZ) reported that the sign was put up in response to last week’s bombing of the government security office in the city of Mansoura, north of the capital Cairo, that killed 15.

Local residents reacted with fury to the attack, with many blaming the Muslim Brotherhood.

"The Muslim Brotherhood is an international terrorist organization. They are responsible for what happened in Mansoura," schoolteacher Hamada Arafat told AFP. "They are now adopting tactics like Al-Qaeda."

But the Muslim Brotherhood has denied involvement and condemned it, Ahram Online reported.

The blog Angry Arab called it a "horrific banner."

“Think about this for a second: Someone in Mansour went to a print shop and paid to create a large anti-semitic banner (or the print-shop owner did it himself.),” EOZ wrote on Friday. “It then took considerable effort to hang the sign in a public street. It was that important for someone or some group to put out a public antisemitic message in Egypt.”

“Jews are always the scapegoats. Although in modern times it is more fashionable to use the Jewish state to fill that role,” EOZ added.


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