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.00672 Percent': Why Concealed Carry Permit Holders Will Want to Hear About Such a Small Number From a Former Navy SEAL


"Why would you want to keep guys like myself out of your store or business?"

(Source: NRA News screen shot)

0.00672 percent.

It may seem small, but according to former Navy SEAL Dom Raso, who’s also an NRA commentator, that number makes a big difference for concealed carry permit holders, especially in Florida.

“Since 1987, the state of Florida has issued 2.5 million concealed-carry permits,” Raso says in his latest opinion piece for the NRA News network. “Of those, only 168 people have committed firearms crimes. That’s .00672 percent of the total amount issued.”*

(Source: NRA News screen shot) (Source: NRA News screen shot)

Raso’s point is part of a larger message to businesses: if you make your establishment a “gun free” zone, you’re actually endangering yourself and your customers, as well as making yourself a target. Permit holders, he says, “are the last people you should be trying to keep out of your business.” Watch the latest video below:

*The original video had a slight miscalculation that expressed the fraction as a percent. The correct percentage is .00672, not .0000672 percent.

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