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Just Wait Until You Hear Why a Man Is Suing a Las Vegas Casino After Losing $500k


"I am not a sore loser."

A California man who lost $500,000 gambling last month at a Las Vegas casino is now suing, alleging he was too drunk to be permitted to gamble at the hotel.

Mark A. Johnston, 52, claims employees of the Downtown Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino served him so many drinks that he shouldn't have to pay the debt he amassed over a 17-hour period.

"Just picture a drunk walking the street and he's drunk, and someone pickpockets and takes his money from him. That's how I characterize it," Johnston told CNN. "I feel like it's the days of old Vegas, the way they've been extorting me with letters and attorneys."

The gambling occurred just before Super Bowl weekend, according to CNN, with Johnston claiming he was so intoxicated he even suffered a blackout and memory loss.

"Mr. Johnston, an experienced gambler, was dropping chips on the floor, confusing chip colors, and slurring his speech badly, and he was unable to read his cards or set his hands properly," the lawsuit explains.

The 52-year-old insists the lawsuit is not about the money, but about the casino "almost killing" him.

[sharequote align="center"]"I am not a sore loser."[/sharequote]

"I am not a sore loser. I've lost half a million. I've lost 800,000. I've lost a lot of money. This has nothing to do with that," he said. "Obviously I can afford what I lost."

"This is about you almost killing me," the veteran gambler added. "What if I had gone to bed that night, with all those drinks in me, and I threw up on myself and I choked and died?"

Nevada laws do exist, governing how complimentary drinks are provided to gamblers and now the Nevada Gaming Control Board is investigating, CNN reported. The casino spokesperson, however, declined to comment.

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